Our Beer

Steam Whistle

Dampfbier – 4.6% ABV – 23 IBU
Translating to “Steam” Beer, this traditional German beer was brewed in an almost “farmhouse” style. We stick close to the tradition by only using German hops, malt, and yeast to bring you a flavorful rustic beer straight out of the past.

Ave Maria

India Pale Ale – 6.7% ABV – 68 IBU
Hops, hops, hops! We try to bring something a little different to the table with our IPA. We use English malts to form a solid backbone for a wonderful combination of hops to ride on. Our IPA receives mostly late-addition hops and a heavy dry hopping to give you a profile that will knock your socks off.


Munich Helles – ABV: 5.0% – IBU: 18
This traditional South German Style is a served during the summer in beer halls. Premium German Malts and Noble hops result in a balanced blonde, malt forward beer with a crisp finish. Enjoy on a hot summer day.

Elder Thing

Saison – ABV:8.3% – IBU: 38
In honor of H.P. Lovecraft, this monster of a beer will grab you with its tentacles and pull you in. Pilsner malt, wheat, and oats give this technically dry beer a nice, chewy backbone and a cloudy appearance while a hefty addition of elder flowers amps up the juiciness. After fermentation, we dry hop this Elder Thing with Amarillo hops to bring it forth from the Abyss!

Social Lubrication

Belgian Blonde Ale – 6.7% ABV | 20 IBU
All Belgian malts, yeast, and some of our own TLC give this classic Belgian style it’s unique flavor. Extremely drinkable with a smooth finish, you’ll find yourself having more than one.

Chester Street

Robust Porter – 7.1% ABV | 20 IBU
Dark, sweet, and chewy. This beer is perfect for those cool nights when all you want to do is curl up by a fire. Also great for those hot nights when you just need to cool off. Made with a heapin’ helpin’ of roasted and chocolate malts for when you need an evening coffee.


Brown Ale – ABV: 5.1% – IBU: 19
Our take on a southern English brown ale. Roasted and chocolate pale malt combine to create a cascade of substantial flavors, heavier and more viscous than the classic British style.


Brett Saison – ABV: 6.0 % – IBU: 45
Author Oscar Wilde believed in the supremacy of art and beauty; craft brewing is a noble art. The first in our funky series of beers, this Brett Saison is brewed in the classic style and fermented in a classic way: Wild. Oats, wheat, a healthy dose of fruity hops, and a charge of Brettanomyces yeast. It is an expression of wild art and beauty.


Biere de Garde – ABV: 8.9% – IBU: 22
Translating to “beer for keeping”, this French style is a relative of Belgian Saisons. Brewed in a farmhouse style, our Biere de Garde is reddish in color, characterized with flavors of stone fruit, and finishes with a tart bold cinch.


Imperial Stout – ABV: 8.5% – IBU: 63
Roasty, creamy, and high gravity. Definitely not one to chug, but a journey to savor. Made with rye, chocolate malts, oats, lactose, and whole vanilla beans